The Beauty of a Woman

Woman is creatively designed to follow, and her partner’s love and understanding are essential if she is to follow well. So why are we starting with the follower instead of the leader? Because without her, he’s got no hope for becoming all that he could be. It isn’t good for the man to be alone, remember? And you can’t be a leader if no one is willing to follow you.

But isn’t she where things went so wrong in The Big Inning?

Yep. And that’s exactly why we’re starting with her … so we can begin to set things right again … under the grace of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Psychologists haven’t been able to explain women to men.

Remember Dr. Sigmund Freud? Despite all his work with women in exploring the possibilities of “a talking cure,” rumor has it that he died still wondering what women want.

Actually, we’re not that complicated, but poor Siggy didn’t have anyone to translate for him. Now you’re going to get the inside scoop! I’ll share with you what a woman wants and needs from a man that will invest her with an absolutely irresistible desire to follow him.

Now how cool is that?
Way cool.

Most of us believe that women are more complicated than men, but we’re not nearly as complicated as we may seem. In fact, most problems men have with women can be solved using a minimum of words and energy.

That’s a relief!

You see, The Problem is how you see the problem.

And the problem you think you see is probably not The Problem at all. Women have just been taught to communicate in a very different way than men were. Our sex is actually required to communicate in a *Secret Code (e.g., going around in circles, using too many words, never getting to the point).

All she needs is your understanding and love. And all you really need to understand is that she’s not a guy; she’s a girl. And love her simply because of who she is. I can break the code for you so you can figure out what she needs and what she wants. And I’m brief.

You guys like to get to the point.
I love that about you.

* A Word of Encouragement: I spend a lot of time helping women learn to be more straightforward in their communication with men. We’re all a lot happier for it.

Learn the Truth About Love

Your love story matters.
It matters because it belongs to you.
It’s what you know and where you live.

Mostly, it matters to God.

What happened to you growing up matters because it’s how you learned about Life and Love and God.

Some of what you learned is true.
Some isn’t.

That’s what this book is about.

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