You vs. The Dragon

No one believes this more than I do, my friend. Your Love Story matters. Not only to you, but also to your family. Even to the world.

If you’re a mom like me, you know your kids are counting on you every day. And whether it feels like this is true or not, your husband would be totally lost without you.

If you don’t have kids and/or a husband, you’re no less important. Because someone is still counting on you. Especially you. You are counting on you.

You were born for a reason.

Ya, I know it sounds too cliché. But it’s true. You matter. Your story matters. Because your story impacts everyone else’s story, for good or for bad. So it sounds like you’re pretty darn important, doesn’t it?

Even so, life is difficult. Because every story has a dragon. Without a dragon, there is no story, right?

I’ve encountered lots of dragons myself. The first dragon I fought was a storyline much like Rapunzel in the movie TangledTaken from my home and locked in a tower where I didn’t know my true identity. Lied to about who I was.

Deceived into believing I wasn’t good enough. And anytime I tried to venture out (yes, I’m an extrovert), I was told that I was too much.

My best friend even told me, “Never be too good at anything. People won’t like you.” Dragons are really good at enlisting our friends and family, too, if they can.

What dragon are you facing right now?

Who’s fighting the dragon with you? Or are you in this battle alone? Do you have a guide? Where did you find her? Is she a friend or a family member? A teacher? A pastor? A counselor? Do you know where your guide is leading you? What she’s teaching you?

Finally, is your guide more like Yoda or the Wicked Witch of the West?

They have some things in common. They’re both green, of course. Color doesn’t matter. But trust me on this … they have very different motives!

Why does it matter? Because YOU matter.
That means your love story matters, too.

  • Who do you turn to when the dragon attacks?
  • What weapons or tools do you need right now?
  • When do you know it’s time to reach out for help?
  • Where do you look for guidance when life gets tough?
  • How would you like some extra power against that dragon?