Your New Life

Do you feel stuck? Perhaps it’s because you don’t realize that Your Salvation was only the beginning. Your New Life in The Kingdom is a God-designed process. Each stage of Your Development requires your awareness & your cooperation. It’s not relative. It’s relational.

You & The Holy Spirit working together in Your New Life to see you transformed to His image with ever-increasing glory. 2 CORINTHIANS 3:18

The butterfly is a popular symbol of Christian transformation. But we make it seem magical. Like it all happens at once. As in, when you get saved, you automatically go from larva to butterfly.

There’s more to it than that. So much more!

Stage One: Before Salvation you were a larva. Munching on leaves. Getting fat. Using & destroying your surroundings to satisfy your own lust. ROMANS 5:5-8

Stage Two: After Salvation you became a cocoon-wrapped worm. Engulfed in a chrysalis. You were developed & protected from harm. Here is where the mystery of your transformation began. You soaked in The Word & tried to apply it as best you could. You grew strong in knowledge of The Lord. I PETER 2:1-3

But you are not destined for isolation!

Stage Three: It’s time to realize your metamorphosis. That will take more work than you know. You must learn to fight the good fight. To get yourself out of that cocoon will take all the energy you’ve got. And getting out of that safe place is what will make you strong in experience of The Lord.  1 TIMOTHY 6:12

Don’t believe the lies.

The enemy of your soul wants you to make a pact with him. He will try to get you to play it “safe” because he knows – much better than you do – the power of possibilities in Your New Life. So be aware of the ways he tries to convince you – through your mind & your emotions – that you are powerless. He is the one who is powerless & he wants to make you just like him. COLOSSIANS 2:15

The Lord created you to be Wonderful & Powerful.

He knows The Truth you. And His goal is to develop you into the Hero you were born to be. To move you beyond the Safe Place & into the Great Adventure of Your New Life. JOHN 14:12

All He needs is your willingness to let Him lead.