Are you walking through the Shadowlands?

These times are tough. The road is long & lonely. Shootings. Fires. Politics.

You dream of a safe haven. A place where you can rest & restore your strength.
But even your home can often be a place of conflict & confusion.
You feel like you must be on your guard there as well.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you!

Fight the battle. Assess your situation. You must correctly identify the problem before you can create an effective Battle Plan.

  • What is holding you back from living & enjoying the Abundant Life that Jesus promised?
  • What strategy is the enemy using to distract & destroy you?

You can be sure that he will always choose your greatest vulnerability
& equally sure that’s where the Holy Spirit wants to build you up.

Even though you walk
through the Shadowlands,
You need not fear evil,
for The Lord is with you. PSALM 23

The Lord is saying, “My grace is sufficient for you
because My power is made perfect in your weakness.”

Rise up, warrior!

It’s time to restore the years the locusts have eaten! Because, if things keep going like they have been … well, life is not going to get any better for anyone.