Is love really that hard to find?

Sadly, it can be. Especially when we’re unaware of what it takes to create and maintain an intimate connection with someone of the opposite sex.

Nevertheless, we’re intimately familiar with that longing.

The subject of love – especially the romantic kind – has been the core of art and literature throughout the ages. Even pop songs are primarily about falling in love – usually magically and effortlessly. Or about being “done wrong” or “looking for love” – often in all the wrong places.

So where did this whole concept of Romantic love originate? With our Creator, of course. Did you seriously think I was going to say it was Hallmark’s idea?

The Lord had Romance on His mind while He was doing surgery on Adam. It’s true that

Adam lost something in the process. However, the Lord knew that what he would gain in the process would be Priceless – especially in terms of his lifelong health and happiness.

Whatever in the world made Christians start spreading the rumor that the Lord is no longer interested in our Romance? Or that He doesn’t care about our happiness?

Who made up those lies? I wonder. Hmmm …

As noted in Chapter 2, some believe God is disinterested in such adolescent fantasies. Unfortunately, most counselors and pastors seem to believe that as well. They’re writing books about how married love isn’t intended to be Romantic. That all fades … evidently. They propose that Romance is just something Hollywood invented.

Really? I thought Romance was a lot older than that!

When I was teaching at Azusa Pacific University, one of my colleagues wanted to refer a student to me for assistance with her research project. Because he knew I was into the Psychology of Men and Romance, he asked if I’d be willing to talk with her. She proposed that movies – especially the romantic ones – perpetuate a dangerous myth that sets people up with unrealistic expectations about love that will always result in painful disappointment.

I told him I’d love to talk with her; however, I disagreed with her assumption. Those romantic movies are successful because they connect to our innate desire for Romantic love – deep, caring, sensual love. In fact, it’s a God-given desire.

And those of you who dislike “chick flicks” (which may include a lot of men) probably have other issues, to which I’ll allude later on in this book. However, you’ll have to put two and two together for yourself for now, as that is a great topic for my next book, which already has a working title. (But don’t tell anyone, okay? It’ll be our little secret.)

So what evidence do we have that the Lord is still interested in our happiness and Romance?

Well, He put those two people together in the Garden – because it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone. No, Adam didn’t need a housekeeper or someone to wash his clothes and cook his meals. So it must have been something else, yes?

And if you’d like a whole book full of evidence that the Lord is Romantic, check out the Song of Solomon.

Finally, I propose we all have that same longing inside us, no matter how deeply or long ago we may have buried it.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick;
but a longing fulfilled is a well-spring of life.

~ Proverbs 13:12

Would you like more info about healthy romantic love?

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