The death of Romance: Why Romance naturally fades

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Most of us have been taught that Romance naturally fades and gives way to …. What? Boredom? Who wants that???

But that’s what most couples settle for … that is, if they are really committed to sticking it out together. What a bummer!

Romance is meant to grow and blossom – to become deeper and more satisfying over a life time. Both Scripture and the findings of scientific research tell us that we all strive to love and to be loved, which is the greatest of gifts.

Plus, Our God is the Original Romantic!

Or have you all forgotten the Great Romances of the Bible. Adam and Eve? Abraham and Sarah? Isaac and Rebekah? Jacob and Rachel? Boaz and Ruth? Joseph and Mary?

Yes, I know. Things went wrong in those relationships, too.

The ingredients were there, but we know that First Couple blew it for us all. Eve gets most of the blame, of course. And it’s all downhill from there.

Or is it? Is it possible that those two just set the stage for something Better Than Eden? What an interesting proposition that is!

What if we could learn something very important – and extremely relevant to us – from Adam and Eve’s experience?

  • Was there one particular reason the serpent talked to Eve instead of to her husband?
  • And what was Adam thinking? How did his thoughts, feelings, and behavior contribute to the serpent’s plan to destroy God’s creation?

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