Miracles & Mindsets

Miracles and Mindsets: How to Make Way for a MiracleAre you waiting for something? Hoping for a miracle to happen?

Miracles & mindsets go together. You dream of miracles & fail to recognize the mindset that keep you stuck. A new mindset gives you the capacity to receive.

So much of my work as a psychologist has been helping clients move from a negative mindset to one that is positive, good, God-centered. Whether or not she (or he) is a believing Christian. And I want to help you do the same. Because some things need to change before you see change.

You have learned to evaluate yourself and others according to human standards. According to what is visible in terms of behavior & success as you have believed it to be.

You pray for a water-into-wine miracle. However, first you need a new wine skin (a new mindset). A new mindset gives you the capacity to receive the miracle. Otherwise, you would burst from the expansion of receiving all the new. MARK 2:21-22

You dream of miracles, yet fail to recognize the mindset that keeps you stuck.

It’s as though you have blinders on. And removing them can become a lengthy process. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a several tips to help you redeem the time of your own development. They all involve your active cooperation with The Holy Spirit who speaks to you deep within.

  1. Ask for a spirit of wisdom & revelation, instead of the mindset you now have. EPHESIANS 1:17-18
  2. Read or listen to the Truth every day, expecting an expansion of your understanding as you go. ISAIAH 55:8-9
  3. Meditate upon the fact that your Creator’s mercies never end. LAMENTATIONS  3:22-23
  4. Remember that He has far more in store for your life than you could ever imagine. EPHESIANS 3:20
  5. Surround yourself with others who want to grow. Avoid complainers. Find a spiritual mentor for yourself or join a group of like-minded people. HEBREWS 10:25

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