Just to See Her Smile

A man is a wonderful Problem-solver. It’s how his brain is designed to work. Whenever his woman has a problem, he loves to be able to solve it for her because …

  • It gives his brain great satisfaction.
  • It enhances his masculine sense of self.
  • When she takes his advice, he feels needed.
    • If she asked for advice and doesn’t take it, he wonders why she asked.
    • If she didn’t ask, but he offered, he’ll wonder if she needs him at all.

The Pleaser

This is one that so many women don’t completely grasp. Most men I meet – even the ones who are coming to counseling to work through some very difficult relationship issues – simply want their wives to be happy.

  • They desperately want to please their wives,
  • but they just can’t seem to figure out how to do it.
  • Sadly, most men are willing to settle for an end to the arguing.

Men hate conflict.

Many shut down in an attempt to slow it down …or to avoid it altogether. We call that stonewalling, and it invariably has exactly the opposite effect than the one he’s hoping to achieve.

So a man often gives in to his woman just to bring an end to the argument. When he gives in to you, he gives up the Power he needs in order to be your Protector, Provider, and Problem-solver just for the sake of ending the argument. It’s emasculating.

Both People Matter

Although a man should never just do whatever his woman say just to make her happy, he shouldn’t tune her out either. A man in a successful relationship is open to his woman’s feedback. But when either person becomes a doormat, it creates different problems. Because both people matter.

Just to see her smile …
because her happiness makes him happy, too!

Ladies: Please believe me when I say he really wants to see you actively, joyously happy … especially with him. When that happens, you both win.

  • You win because you’re happy.
  • And he wins because he’s got you!

[callout]You won’t believe what this does for a man … to see his woman smile.
So always let him know when he gets it right … with your smile.
Smiles are contagious, you know![/callout]


  • If you’re a man, does this fit with your experience?
  • If you’re a woman, is this new information?
    How might you use it to bring you closer?