She’s Actively Growing

A Woman of Noble Character is always in the process of Becoming. She strives to live a life of integrity. She keeps her promises, not only to others, but especially to herself. When she says she’s going to do something, she follows through.  

She gives herself grace.

Because she makes mistakes. Lots of mistakes. Mostly because she’s willing to take risks, to put herself out there. But she doesn’t get caught in the trap of self-condemnation. Instead, she learns from her mistakes and keeps moving forward. She never gives up.

She knows there’s always room for improvement.

And she’s willing to put in maximum effort to keep growing.

  • If she needs to heal old wounds, she finds an experienced therapist who has the skills and compassion to help her navigate the process.
  • If she’s caught in family dysfunction, she finds a 12-step support group. That’s a great place to learn and practice boundaries.
  • And when things seem to be going pretty well, she invests in her own personal development.

Like I said, she’s always in the process of becoming.

To sum it all up, a Woman of Noble Character is Beautiful , Brilliant, Bold, Blessed, and Becoming the best she can be.

In my opinion, if you listened to the entire podcast episode below, you are indeed a Woman of Noble Character.

That doesn’t mean you’ve achieved perfection.

It does mean you know you’re in good company. That is, you know you’re not the only woman who is in process of becoming more of who you are meant to be. You are developing a vision of what’s possible beyond your present circumstances.

And I’m so glad you’re here.

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