What does it mean to be a Bold Woman?

A Woman of Noble Character is Bold. She doesn’t hold back from her calling. She doesn’t walk on anyone to get where she’s going. But she is willing to go around someone if needed. If she’s married, she knows how to negotiate with her husband instead of ignoring his concerns. She understands the depth of his desire to protect her. She finds comfort in that fact, rather than feeling threatened by it.

She’s not ruled by shame.

She knows the power of empathy to remove shame, even her own. She knows that being guilty of a wrongdoing is not the same as feeling bad about who she is. She knows she doesn’t always get it right, and she is aware of her own motives. Although that sometimes occurs after the fact because she’s learning more about herself all the time. She knows how to give herself grace, as well as how to pass that grace on to others.

She’s a heroine on a mission.

Her husband and her family are her top priorities. But she knows they are not her only calling in life. She’s ambitious, to be sure. But she never ignores her family in the process of achieving other goals. Instead, she finds time for both.

If what she’s doing causes her to lose sight of either, she makes adjustments. Quickly and often. Evaluating her effectiveness at frequent intervals and listening to her husband’s feedback. She remembers that he wants to protect her, not control her. And he can see things she can’t see, just as she can see things he can’t see.

She knows how and when to set boundaries.

She surrounds herself with people who are also growing. And limits the time she spends with anyone who drags her down with their complaining. She can listen to feedback, even criticism, evaluate it, then take it if it fits and leave it if it doesn’t.

Like I said, she is bold.